Vision and Values


The New World Co-op website outlines the philosophy of the Co-op nationwide.

The Co-op is comprised of many Local Co-ops established in cities and precincts across the United States.

The real work of a Local Co-op is carried out in one or more Connect Groups that cater to the needs of participants in the local area. Local Co-ops are autonomous in their methods but adhere to a common vision;

  1. That all problems arise from the root-cause of our Win-Lose thinking
  2. That the way for the nations problems to be solved is for people to practice Synergetic Win-Win thinking
  3. That changing from Win-Lose to Win-Win can only be achieved through the experience of synergy.
  4. That synergy can be understood at a principled level, which helps focus practice at the next stage.
  5. Synergy is best practiced in an experimental flexible, respectful and single focused environment.
  6. It is the role of the Connect Group to provide the conditions that make for synergy.

By encouraging the practice of living with a mentality of Win-Win, getting to know one another, forming relationships with citizens from all types and levels of background, people will increasingly find their voice and form communities of congruence, characterized by;

  • Interdependence – respecting the unique gifts and contributions of others.
  • Co-prosperity – pursuing personal success that is consistent with mutual benefit.
  • Shared Values – through which all barriers, divisions and conflicts are eliminated.




  • synergy is the liberation of spirit within us. The experience of synergy is not confined to any individual faith, but through the tenets of good respectful relationships, that recognize their source in a universal Higher Power (God).
  • through synergy (Gods’ Love) all things and all mankind can be harmonized.
  • all people are unique expressions of one God therefore to get to know another person is to learn more about God.



  • the highest value in all relationships is found when we live for the sake of others and for the sake of the whole.
  • the values that lead to consensus are the stepping stones to a just, equitable and sustainable world.
  • different viewpoints are inevitable in all areas of life, they are also opportunities to cooperate with one another to unite them and this is the work we do to co-create together with God, the world of our deepest desire.


  • Striving to leave the world better than we found it, by upholding the universal values we learn within families.


  • We are richest when we experience the gratitude and love of those we serve.
  • Competition is helpful for multiplying creativity as long as it is not done at the expense of other people or the environment.



The New World Co-op is a social movement aimed at providing simple tools that enable people to experience the beauty and power of synergy which can bring about change without causing conflict or stress.

We accomplish this by building a network of Local Co-ops located in cities around the country which actively contribute to their local communities.



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