The Nation of Why Not

The New World Co-op is established as many local Co-operatives in cities and precincts across the nation. Each local Co-op is independent. Each publishes its own Bulletin Board and reports on local activities that promote the aims of the New World Co-op.

In order to foster solidarity between Local Co-ops we needed to come up with a mission, a process and a unified identity.

Our Mission

  1. Our mission is to apply our principles in ways that are aimed at having a beneficial effect on our communities and the nation as a whole.
  2. We do this by establishing a “nation” within the nation.

Our Process

  1. Each Local Co-op is a community of people within a larger local community.
  2. Each Local Co-op seeks to expand in membership and give positive influence within the larger local community.
  3. All Local Co-ops throughout the nation are a part of the nation at large. The methods we use to attract people must be simple, minimal cost and non-confrontational.

Each of these (mission, process and identity) are related to a Whole. This Whole is critical to our mission.

Our identity

  1. Just as each local community across the nation is part of one nation (the United States of America), each Local Co-op is part of one nation which we call the Nation of Why Not.
  2. We have chosen to refer to ourselves using this fanciful name for several reasons that have to do with the Synergy we are seeking to create within each Local Co-op and between all Local Co-ops.
    1. It is a principle, that for Synergy to work there must be a Whole whose purpose is defined by its parts, and the parts derive their purpose from the Whole.
    2. By wearing badges that read-“Ask me. Why Not?” as well as it being a simple way to invite non-members to approach us without embarrassment, we clearly identify ourselves with our mission. After a certain critical number of members wearing these identifying badges are seen in public, natural curiosity will attract people to ask what we are doing, what we represent. Then all that a member needs to do is hand the questioner a business card with the address of this website and of the Local Co-op, plus any other contact information that is deemed relevant.

At first we are a nation in diaspora, which means that throughout the Nation of Why Not one can find examples of organizations and businesses, cooperating with like minded people and organizations within their local city or town.

 Eventually the Nation of Why Not will be able to demonstrate the power of synergy to create innovative programs that will influence the policies of some towns and eventually states and one day even the country itself.

Even though this is such an audacious goal, even crazy, to think that so few can aspire to something so big, we believe that history is on our side.

We are not pretentious enough to think that we have all the answers, but we believe that IF WE SET THE RIGHT CONDITIONS THEN GOD WILL SHOW US THE WAY. We know that God built the world starting from a few people, so we know that all we have to do is fulfill our personal responsibilities and God will work through us to synergistically change the world.

 As the American Cultural Anthropologist Margaret Meade says,

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens
can change the world. Indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.


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